After Two Weeks of Prayers, Phenomenal Outpouring Shakes Up Town

For the past two weeks, the small Kentucky town of Wilmore has experienced an influx of visitors from around the world. This is due to a “revival” event that began at Asbury University following a regular chapel service. The event has since moved off campus due to safety concerns, but the impact of the “revival” on the town and its people can still be felt.

The “revival” began on February 8th when a dozen students lingered after a regular chapel service to pray, worship and share. As word of their gathering spread, so too did the number of people attending. Images of the worshipers went viral on TikTok and the event soon attracted people from around the world.

The “revival” was so popular that tens of thousands of people visited the area over the course of the two-week event. This influx of people proved difficult for the town of Wilmore, which has a population of only 6,000. The Wilmore Police Department even issued a warning, urging people to “use EXTREME caution while traveling in the city”, due to limited parking and other infrastructure concerns.

In response to the safety concerns, Asbury University announced that public services would end on Monday and be held at another location in the area. The school president, Kevin J. Brown, has referred to the event as an “outpouring”, rather than a “revival”, as it is traditionally defined.

The event has been compared to a similar event that occurred at the school, then called Asbury College, in 1970. This event lasted for weeks and resulted in a spiritual renewal and growth. It is unclear what the result of the current “outpouring” will be, but what is certain is that it has had a profound impact on the people of Wilmore and beyond.



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