Wheel Of Fortune Controversy Explodes. What Player ‘Robbed’?

Fans of the hit game show Wheel of Fortune were left stunned after a contestant appeared to give the correct answer to a puzzle, yet lost out on a potential $40,000. The contestant, Megan, a married California high school choir director, was faced with a two-word answer for the category ‘Living Thing’.

With just a few seconds on the timer and a few letters revealed Megan confidently guessed ‘pink orchid’ or something similar. However, host Pat Sajak informed her that she was incorrect and the correct answer was actually ‘pink orchid’. The confusion and disappointment from both Megan and viewers on social media was palpable.

The incident occurred during the bonus round of the game, where Megan had the opportunity to win $40,000. The puzzle board initially read ‘_ _ n _ ‘ _ R _ _ _ _’, and with some letters revealed, it read ‘P _ N _ ‘ _ RC_ _ D’.

As the timer ran down, Megan quickly blurted out her final guess, which some believe was ‘pink orchid’. However, the host informed her that she may have been overthinking and the correct answer was simply ‘pink orchid’.

While Megan seemed content with the $14,007 she ultimately won, loyal fans of the show couldn’t help but express their disbelief on social media. Many were convinced that Megan had indeed said the correct answer and that the show may have made a mistake. Some even suggested that the show should rectify the situation and award Megan the $40,000 she rightfully deserved. It seems that this incident has sparked a debate amongst fans about the accuracy and fairness of the game show.

This is not the first time a Wheel of Fortune contestant has captured the attention of viewers with their response to a puzzle. Last December, another contestant, Gishma Tabari, became a viral sensation after giving a bizarre answer to a ‘triple toss-up’ puzzle.

The answer was ‘THE BRITISH OGRE’, which left both viewers and the host, Pat Sajak, confused. Despite her peculiar answer, Tabari achieved her goal of being on the show she had watched since she was five years old.

In an interview with Fox News, Tabari stated that her creative mind and nerves may have played a part in her incorrect response. She had been afraid of saying or doing something silly on the show, and unfortunately, that fear became a reality.

The flub by Megan and Tabari has garnered attention not only from fans but from media outlets worldwide. The show’s producers and host have yet to comment on the incident, and it’s unknown if there will be any repercussions or changes made to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Despite the disappointment and confusion caused by the incident, it’s clear that the devoted fans of Wheel of Fortune will continue to tune in and enjoy the game show. Perhaps the show’s success lies in the unpredictability and the occasional blunders by contestants, which add a level of excitement for viewers. However, it’s unknown if this incident will impact the show’s popularity in any way.

Daily Mail


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