WATCH: Jaw-Dropping Moment When High School Athlete Saves The Day

On Saturday, February 4th, a heroic rescue unfolded at East Okoboji Lake in Iowa. A seventeen-year-old high school athlete, Joe Salmon, helped to pull an 83-year-old man and his dog to safety after the man’s Jeep fell through the ice.

Salmon, a wrestler, football player, track athlete, and now a hero, jumped into the frigid water in Iowa’s East Okoboji Lake. Four other men, Corey McConnell, Kody Harrelson, Cody Chester, and Chris Parks, were also instrumental in the rescue.

The scene was captured by drone footage by photographer Tom Gustafson and shared on Facebook. The video showed Salmon leaning through the back window of the Jeep to free the dog and toss it toward the four other men, who rescued the dog after it briefly entered the water.

Salmon then climbed into the vehicle and made his way to the front of the Jeep and pulled the 83-year-old man, Thomas Lee, out through the area of the back window, which he had broken to help the rescue. Joe Salmon is an athlete at Okoboji High School, and was ice fishing and watching a nearby snowmobile race on the lake when he saw Lee’s Jeep plunge through the ice around 3 p.m.

Salmon called 911 and rushed to help Lee, who was stuck in the Jeep as the water level continued to rise. The four other men were able to rescue the dog and take it to the nearby Okoboji Store to dry out. Lee was taken to nearby Lakes Regional Healthcare and did not suffer any injuries.

Joe Salmon’s selfless act has inspired many. His courage in the face of danger and his quick thinking saved two lives that day. He has been hailed as a hero and an example of true bravery.

The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office applauded the efforts of all five men in a Facebook post following the rescue.

“We would like to thank all of the individuals who were involved in this rescue and especially Joe Salmon for his courageous act that resulted in the successful rescue of Mr. Lee and his dog.”

Salmon told the Des Moines Register that he was happy that Lee and his dog were safe.

“It was just crazy at the time,” said Salmon.

The heroic actions of Joe Salmon and the other four men are a testament to the kindness and selflessness of people. Their quick thinking and bravery saved two lives and will be remembered for years to come.



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