Super Bowl Ads This Year Left Much to Be Desired – Find Out Why!

This year’s Super Bowl commercials featured a wide variety of concepts, many of which were underwhelming and unimpressive. However, there were a handful of ads that stood out among the rest and are worth mentioning.

The first of these was the ad from Freshpet, a company that specializes in fresh dog food. This commercial told the story of a woman and her lifelong relationship with her pet dog, starting when she was a young girl and spanning many years into the future. The ad proved to be very moving and touching, with many viewers on social media claiming that it brought them to tears.

The second notable commercial sure to make you laugh was from Netflix, featuring Will Ferrell. The ad focused on the streaming service’s commitment to featuring electric vehicles in their shows, with Ferrell inserted into a variety of Netflix titles. This commercial was particularly noteworthy due to the fact that it was a joint effort between Netflix and GM, showcasing the power of collaboration in the world of advertising.

Finally, the third ad worth mentioning is from Pringles. This commercial featured characters from the hit television series Breaking Bad, with Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Raymond Cruz all making appearances. The ad served to remind viewers of the great show and its characters, while also providing a bit of nostalgic fun.

However, some were not thrilled with this year’s commercials with Ad Age saying on Twitter, “Arguably, the biggest problem with this year’s batch of #SuperBowl ads was not so much the lack of ideas, but the overreliance on a single idea: that you can bludgeon viewers into paying attention through the power of celebrity.”

Another joked,

Overall, this years Super Bowl commercials featured a wide variety of concepts. This year, advertisers showed their commercials to an audience of 113 million, the biggest in six years, according to



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