WATCH: Flight Attendant Lays into Passenger Over Meal Request!

Rude, disrespectful, and entitled customers are a problem that many in the service industry are all too familiar with. But sometimes, as this recent incident on a flight from Istanbul to Delhi shows, employees have had enough and are not afraid to stand up for themselves.

The incident, which was filmed and posted on Twitter by Indian reporter Tarun Shukla, shows a flight attendant of the low-cost Indian airline IndiGo laying into a rude passenger after he allegedly made an employee cry over a meal request.

The flight attendant can be heard telling the passenger, “Shut up! I am not your servant. Stop pointing your finger at me and yelling at me, my crew is crying because of you. You cannot talk to the crew like that.”

The altercation began when the passenger asked for a sandwich and was told by the crew that they had to make sure one was available. The passenger’s response allegedly made the flight attendant’s co-worker cry, prompting the flight attendant to step in and confront the customer.

She then went on to explain that there were only a certain number of meals on the plane and asked the passenger to respect her and her co-worker. When the passenger then told her to “shut up,” the flight attendant replied “You shut up! I am an employee. I am not your servant,” before walking away with another flight attendant in tow.

The incident has since gone viral and has been met with praise for the flight attendant for standing up for her co-worker and herself. It also serves as a reminder that employees are not here to be treated like servants and that customers should always treat them with respect. Hopefully, this incident will serve as a reminder to all passengers that just because they are paying for a service, that does not give them the right to treat employees disrespectfully.

New York Post


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