UK Monarchy Rocked Over Bad Photoshop Image

On Sunday, the Royal Family released a highly edited image of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales and future Queen of England, that sparked widespread speculation and criticism. The image, which was meant to reassure the public about Middleton’s whereabouts, was so heavily edited that the Associated Press and Reuters issued rare kill notifications for it.

The photo, which was posted on the official Instagram account of the Prince and Princess of Wales, appeared to be clumsily edited, with everyone smiling so brightly they almost looked like Snapchat filters. Middleton, who has been absent from public view for months, is seen in the image seated with unnaturally long arms, leading many to question the authenticity of the photo.

The photo created such a stir that by Monday morning, the editor of the image had to issue an apology to the official Prince and Princess of Wales Instagram account. The editor, who signed off as Catherine, Princess of Wales, implied that she took responsibility for editing the photo, causing even more confusion and backlash.

While amateur photography and editing is a common practice, the fact that the Royal Family chose to post such an obviously edited image has backfired in the worst way possible. In light of Middleton’s prolonged absence and the Royal Family’s secretive attitude towards her health, the photo only added fuel to the already prevalent conspiracy theories.

Some areas of the photo were specifically highlighted by critics, showcasing the poor editing skills used. In one particular instance, Middleton’s daughter Charlotte’s skirt blended into her sweater, which is a common mistake made by novice Photoshop users.

For the British monarchy, image is everything, and managing the media is an important part of their job. This is especially evident in the memoir by Prince Harry, who wrote about being used as a distraction by the British tabloids in order to protect his father and brother.

The fact that the Royal Family is so chummy with the British press that there is a designated system, known as the Royal Rota, for covering them, only adds to the speculation surrounding Middleton’s absence. Additionally, with Middleton’s late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, being a master of managing the media, it’s clear that image is a top priority for the monarchy.

While it’s possible that the photo was simply a poorly edited attempt to combine the best expressions from multiple photos, the end result only adds to the mystery surrounding Middleton’s health and whereabouts. The clumsy editing and lack of authenticity in the image raises even more questions and criticisms towards the Royal Family’s handling of the situation.

The release of the heavily edited photo of Kate Middleton has caused widespread speculation and criticism towards the British monarchy and their management of the media. With Middleton’s prolonged absence and the lack of transparency surrounding her health, the poorly edited photo has only exacerbated the already existing conspiracy theories.

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