Close Shave: Couple Has Starling Encounter With Gator

A couple in Florida recently had a terrifying encounter with an alligator while riding in a golf cart. The incident, which was caught on camera by bystander Denise Prues, took place in Ave Maria, Florida on February 16th.

The alligator can be seen walking across residential property towards a pond. As the couple in the golf cart approached, the alligator suddenly opens its jaws and charges at them. The couple quickly swerved, narrowly avoiding tipping their cart into the water. The gator then retreated back into the pond.

Prues, who captured the frightening footage, can be heard exclaiming “Oh my God!” as the incident unfolded. She told Storyful that she had heard a noise in the side yard and when she looked up, she saw the alligator walking between the houses. She quickly switched her phone to video mode to capture the encounter.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has provided safety guidelines for residents to follow in order to avoid alligator attacks. Their brochure advises people to be aware of the possibility of alligators when near fresh or brackish water. They also warn that bites can occur when people are not paying attention to their surroundings while working or recreating near water.

Despite these precautions, the FWC states that alligators rarely cause serious injuries in Florida. However, residents are encouraged to report any alligators that may pose a threat by calling 866-392-4286.

The FWC also provides guidelines on what to do if someone encounters an alligator. Generally, alligators under four feet in length are not considered dangerous unless they are handled. The FWC advises people to keep a safe distance and never feed or touch an alligator.

The incident in Ave Maria serves as a reminder of the potential danger of alligators in Florida. These reptiles are a common sight in the state, especially in and around bodies of water. It is important for residents to be aware of their surroundings and follow the FWC’s safety guidelines to avoid unwanted encounters with alligators.

Alligator attacks have made headlines in Florida. In 2016, a two-year-old boy was attacked and killed by an alligator at a Disney resort. This tragic incident sparked a nationwide discussion about the importance of alligator safety and prompted Disney to implement new safety measures around their bodies of water.

While alligator attacks are rare, it is important for residents and visitors of Florida to take precautions and be aware of their surroundings when near bodies of water. With the help of the FWC and the continued efforts to educate the public, hopefully, future encounters with alligators can be avoided and these creatures can be appreciated from a safe distance.

New York Post


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