Track Star Gets The Last Laugh, Cocky Man Gets Taught A Lesson

A viral video shared on social media has captured the attention of millions, as University of Virginia track and field athlete Alahna Sabbakhan dominated a race against a man who challenged her to a foot race.

The clip, shared on December 17th, has received over one million likes and illustrates the importance of never underestimating female athletes.

The race, which took place nearly a year ago, shows Sabbakhan confidently accepting the challenge from a friend of her boyfriend’s who “refused to believe that a woman could beat him in a race.”

As the video shows, Sabbakhan and her challenger kept pace during the first half of the 400-meter race. However, Sabbakhan’s experience and skills quickly took over, and she pulled ahead with ease, leaving her opponent in the dust.

@lahnazak Just to clarify, I did NOT want to race this man😂 I was already at the track with my bf doing a work out and he came to join. ##trackandfield##running ♬ Diamondz n Roses – VaporGod

According to Sabbakhan, the race was a form of practice for her, and she pushed herself to finish strong, showcasing the determination and hard work that goes into being a Division 1 track and field athlete.

While the outcome may have surprised some, Sabbakhan, who specializes in the 800-meter race, was not fazed by the result. She explains that she has been challenged to similar races in the past, as many individuals underestimate her abilities as a female athlete.

In response to the video, Sabbakhan received an outpouring of support from other women who have faced similar challenges, as well as some negative feedback and debates about the ability of men versus women in sports.

However, Sabbakhan has a simple piece of advice for building confidence in one’s athletic abilities: “Don’t compare yourself. Focus on your journey and your progress.”

The 22-year-old track star also credits her strong support system of family, friends, and coaches for helping her develop the confidence to brush off such challenges and stay focused on her own goals.

She urges others to do the same, reminding them that their own progress and goals are what truly matter, not the opinions of others.

In the end, Sabbakhan hopes that her viral video and the message behind it will help shift the mindset of underestimating female athletes. As she says, “People who sit on their couch … it’s so easy for them to just sit there and say, ‘Oh, I could do that, too, if I tried, if I trained for a little bit’ — not realizing how hard it actually is.”



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