Tourist Bit, Gets Too Close To Horse

An American tourist experienced an unexpected encounter with a King’s Guard horse while on holiday in London. The tourist, who was standing near the horse, suddenly found her arm gripped by the horse’s teeth.

Despite her cries for help, neither the mounted guard nor the nearby soldier intervened, leaving other visitors to gently pat the horse’s nose until it released her. The incident, captured on video, has since gone viral, capturing the attention of many online.

The footage of the tourist’s ordeal was published online just two weeks ago, alongside another viral video where a woman stumbled backward after being bitten by another King’s Guard horse.

These incidents highlight the unique challenges of interacting with these regal yet unpredictable animals. Despite their iconic status, the King’s Guard horses are, after all, living creatures with their own instincts and reactions.

Interestingly, these incidents underscore the dual role of the King’s Guard. While they are elite soldiers tasked with protecting the monarchy, they have also become a major tourist attraction.

This duality often puts them in close proximity to curious visitors who may not always heed the warnings posted about the horses’ potential to kick or bite.

In another instance, a tourist’s photo opportunity with a King’s Guard horse turned chaotic when the horse bit down on her saree. The startled woman nearly fell but managed to steady herself against a stone wall.

The video of this incident also went viral, amassing over 800,000 views, and serves as a reminder of the unexpected moments that can occur during such close encounters.

Earlier this year, a tourist aiming for a memorable photo found herself in a similar situation when a King’s Guard horse bit into her jacket.

The horse’s grip was strong, causing the woman to be tugged around before the horse finally released her. The tourist, although initially frightened, ended up laughing at the bizarre turn of events.

Daily Mail


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