Mahomes Faces Controversy After Picture

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has returned to the team’s headquarters for organized team activities (OTAs), and fans are once again playfully teasing him about his so-called ‘dad bod’. The star quarterback, who secured his third Super Bowl victory with the Chiefs in February, has taken the ribbing in stride. In an interview with TIME magazine last month, Mahomes proudly claimed that his ‘dad bod’ is “great” for an NFL quarterback.

Despite the lighthearted jabs from fans, Mahomes remains focused and confident. One fan quipped under a video of Mahomes arriving at the facility, “Bro doesn’t even need to be in shape for a three-peat,” highlighting the belief in Mahomes’ undeniable talent regardless of his physique.

Another fan commented, “Looking a bit tired and out of shape, but still better than all QBs, let’s gooo!!” showing their unwavering support for the quarterback.

Mahomes was greeted with more jokes as he stepped into the Chiefs’ facility. “Dad bod in full flow,” another fan noted, further adding to the playful banter. This isn’t the first time Mahomes’ body has been a topic of discussion. His physique garnered attention back in January when he was seen shirtless in the Chiefs’ locker room following their AFC Championship win against the Ravens.

In his TIME interview, Mahomes opened up about his penchant for snacks and fast food, including Chick-fil-A, Whataburger, and Starbursts. Reflecting on the locker room photo, Mahomes confidently stated, “I’ll also say I have a great body for a quarterback.

You’ve got to have some padding in there to take the hits that we take,” emphasizing the practical benefits of his build for enduring the physical demands of the sport.

Mahomes’ offseason has been a mix of relaxation and celebration. After his Super Bowl victory, he enjoyed some well-deserved downtime, spending time in Mexico and partying in Las Vegas with teammate Travis Kelce. Earlier this month, Mahomes was also spotted at the Miami Grand Prix alongside his wife, Brittany, where Kelce was also present.

The Chiefs are currently in the midst of their offseason workouts, scheduled from May 20-22, 28-30, and June 4-7. Despite the jokes about his ‘dad bod’, Mahomes remains the driving force behind the team’s success. His leadership and skill have brought Kansas City to new heights, including their recent back-to-back Super Bowl victories, with the latest triumph over the San Francisco 49ers in February.

As the team gears up for another season, fans continue to express their unwavering belief in Mahomes. The playful banter about his physique does little to overshadow his remarkable achievements on the field. With OTAs underway, Mahomes is focused on preparing for the challenges ahead, determined to lead the Chiefs to yet another successful season.

Patrick Mahomes’ unique blend of talent, resilience, and a sense of humor about his ‘dad bod’ only endears him more to the Chiefs’ fan base. His approach to criticism, paired with his consistent performance, ensures that he remains a beloved figure in Kansas City and the NFL at large. As the new season approaches, fans eagerly anticipate more memorable moments from their star quarterback.

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