Ummm What!? Philadelphia’s ‘Inspirational’ ‘Chicken Man’ Goes Viral Giving City Something To Celebrate

A Philadelphia man completed his goal of eating one rotisserie chicken a day for 40 days on November 6 with great fanfare at an abandoned pier on the Delaware River.

This is the most Philly thing ever.

Coming off the loss of both the World Series and the Major League Soccer Cup, Alexander Tominsky,31, was on an epic quest to give Philadelphia something to celebrate. However, Tominsky said he felt relieved to be done with the challenge saying, “My body is ready to repair.”

Spectator of the last chicken viewership, Justin Peters, recorded the video showing Alexander Tominsky taking his final bite. Peters originally posted the video to Twitter where he described Tominsky as “inspirational.”

Tominsky decided to first post a tweet about his strange “challenge” on October 8, when he was already 11 days into his self-imposed dare. Tominsky continued to document every consumed chicken from there, his face growing wearier with every post.

But at an abandoned pier along the Delaware River at 12 p.m. on a Sunday, the bearded man dressed in a white sleeveless shirt sat down to consume his final chicken at a makeshift table while staring intently at the plate. Dozens gathered around in order to cheer the Philadelphian on in his final stretch of the challenge- To devour 40 rotisserie chickens in 40 days.

Maybe the no longer obscure Philadelphia native, Alexander Tominsky, would be the one to bring some form of victory after a miserable weekend filled with defeat.

“Eat that bird!” the crowd chanted. And Tominsky did not disappoint.

 Tominsky, a restaurant server, ate his 40th rotisserie chicken in just one hour, completing a herculean effort of sorts that has both fascinated and puzzled thousands online.  In doing so, he brought a moment of rejoicing to a beaten city (or at least for himself), a chance to declare a victory for the one now referred to as “The Philadelphia Chicken Man.”

Tominsky’s posts reached over 113,000 likes.

Garnering up support for his 40th and final chicken, Tominsky posted flyers inviting anyone who was interested in watching him complete his challenge to come to an “abandoned pier near Walmart” and watch his grand finale.

In the video, Tominsky can be seen singing along to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ before bringing the plate to his mouth and finishing the last bit of chicken with a small but mighty crowd cheering him on.

Credit: Justin Peters via Storyful / NY Times


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