All Eyes Were On Carrie Underwood After Stunt WOWS & Shocks Crowd

Carrie Underwood always stuns the crowd and at this year’s AMAs, she did not disappoint. Suspended above the Microsoft Theater’s audience in a spherical cage, Underwood was performing acrobatics while singing her song “Crazy Angels” for the 2022 AMAs on Sunday, November 20.

This year had no shortage of theatrics or drama. However, when it came time for the country music star to take the stage at this year’s 2022 American Music Awards to perform her hit single, “Crazy Angels,” she wowed the crowd as she floated above them.

Though acrobatics have been done before, Underwood, 39,  delivered her own aerial act at the Los Angeles Microsoft Theater as she sang and performed a great show for the audience.

Underwood sporting a white, black, blue, and hot-pink bodysuit, moved in and out of the sphere while singing, “Yes, I’m one of those crazy angels.”

Slowly, as the sphere lowered Underwood to the stage she emerged barefoot and the music sensation completed her performance on solid ground.

Fans were wowed by her performances with one Twitter user saying,

Underwood was nominated in two categories – favorite female country artist and favorite country album for her summer release “Denim & Rhinestones.”

However, Taylor Swift took home both of those awards as well as 4 other awards! With all of those wins under her belt, Swift, 32, has now made history as the most-awarded artist at the AMAs with a grand total of 40 wins over the course of her career.

Though Carrie Underwood didn’t win this year, she remains one of country musics’ top performers and has an impressive winning record with 17 past awards to her name.



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