Taylor Swift Coughs Struggles During Concert

Taylor Swift sparked concerns among her fans during her recent Eras Tour concert stop in Singapore, as she appeared to be struggling with a cough on stage. The 34-year-old star, known for her energetic performances, was seen in a fan-recorded video having difficulty singing her hit song “Delicate.” As the clip circulated on social media, fans began to express their worries for the singer’s health.

Some fans speculated that the weather change, humidity, and physical exhaustion may have taken a toll on the pop star. One concerned fan wrote, “Oooh no, she needs some rest.” Another hopeful fan added, “Combination of weather change, humidity, (probably) physical tiredness. She’ll be better after a few weeks off.”

Some fans noted that Taylor’s demanding schedule may be the root cause of her coughing and raspy voice. One fan observed, “Looks like she’s only got 2 shows then the whole of April off so hoping she can rest.”

Another fan empathized with the singer’s packed tour schedule, “Oh no..finally I was wondering how she can do all these eras tour without getting sick coz damn queen was performing with all that rain n heat.”

The concern for Taylor’s health comes amid news that the singer had been offered an enormous $3 million per show for her six concerts in Singapore. This deal meant that Taylor would not be able to perform in any other Southeast Asian countries during her tour. The news caused an uproar among politicians in the Philippines and Thailand, who felt that this arrangement was detrimental to their countries’ economies.

Reports revealed that the government of Singapore made the deal in hopes of attracting more tourists and sponsors to the country. However, Srettha Thavisin, the Prime Minister of Thailand, shared that he was not aware of this agreement and would have aimed to host the concerts in Thailand instead. He believed that the concerts would have “generated added value” for Thailand’s economy.

Srettha disclosed at the iBusiness Forum 2024 that the Singaporean government had offered Taylor the deal, revealing that it would have been less expensive for the singer to perform in Thailand. The revelation caused further disappointment for the Prime Minister and fans in Thailand, who were eagerly anticipating Taylor’s visit.

The controversy surrounding Taylor’s exclusive deal in Singapore also brought attention to the high fees that international artists command for their concerts in Southeast Asia.

Many fans in the region expressed their disappointment that they might not get to see their favorite artists due to the steep prices and exclusivity deals.

Despite the criticism, Taylor’s sold-out shows in Singapore were a tremendous success. She took to Instagram to share her gratitude and expressed that “it means the world” to be back in Singapore. With her tour still ongoing, fans are hopeful that Taylor will take the time to rest and recover before her next performance.

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