Swan Slaughter: Three Teen’s Shocking Act Rocks Town

In a shocking story, a tranquil town in Manlius, New York, was left reeling after the untimely demise of Faye, a beloved swan that had been a cherished member of the community for years. Three teenagers, identified as Eman Hussan, 18, and two other individuals aged 17 and 16, were charged for their involvement in the incident that has left residents devastated.

Reports suggest that the teenagers, who were friends and attended the same high school, ventured into Swan Pond under the cover of darkness. Tragically, they forcibly held down Faye, leading to the swan’s demise. Adding to the sorrow, the teenagers cooked and ate Faye and proceeded to abscond with Faye’s four cygnets, with the misguided intention of raising them as pets. Unaware of the swan’s significance and ownership by the Village of Manlius, the teenagers claimed ignorance regarding the species they had encountered.

Local authorities, represented by Manlius Police Sgt. Ken Hatter, expressed shock and dismay at the incident. Sgt. Hatter clarified that the teenagers did not possess knowledge of the swan’s protected status or its significance to the community. It is worth noting that video evidence of the event exists, solidifying the unfortunate events that transpired that night.

Mayor Paul Whorrall, deeply affected by the loss of Faye, highlighted the dedication of the local biologist who had cared for the swan since 2007. The biologist is now responsible for tending to the cygnets, along with their father, Manny. Manny will continue to be cared for until the cygnets are old enough to return to the pond. However, Mayor Whorrall expressed concerns about the potential consequences of losing Faye, as Manny may become combative without a partner.

The legal repercussions for the teenagers have been severe. They face charges of grand larceny, criminal mischief, conspiracy, and criminal trespass, highlighting the seriousness of their actions.

The community of Manlius, known for its deep-rooted connection with nature, mourns the loss of Faye and has rallied around the remaining swans. Mayor Whorrall reassured residents that efforts to maintain and protect these majestic creatures will continue unabated. The swans have been an integral part of Manlius since 1905, and the community is determined to preserve this cherished heritage.



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