Shocking Video: State Trooper Suspended After Falsely Arresting Ex-Girlfriend!

A Pennsylvania State Police trooper, Ronald K. Davis, 37, has been suspended and is now facing criminal charges, including felony strangulation, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and official oppression. The charges stem from an incident on August 21, where Davis allegedly forcibly arrested his ex-girlfriend and had her involuntarily committed to a mental health facility under false pretenses.

Davis, a state police trooper since 2015, reportedly sought assistance from his colleagues to have the woman committed, alleging she sent threatening suicide text messages. However, as it was a personal matter, he was advised to contact the Dauphin County Crisis Intervention. Ignoring this advice, Davis, who is described as “married with a family in Dauphin County,” obtained commitment papers and drove 11 miles to a state forest to confront his ex-girlfriend while off duty.


Despite being told that on-duty members would handle the situation, Davis allegedly attempted to arrest the woman without waiting for assistance. A bystander recorded an encounter where Davis is seen sitting on top of the woman, restraining her on the ground, and her repeatedly saying, “I can’t breathe.” The woman suffered bruises and injuries consistent with being thrown to the ground.

The affidavit reveals that the woman was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility for five days, during which medical workers found no evidence of suicidal thoughts or overt psychosis. Post-release, the woman detailed her four-month relationship with Davis, claiming he made threatening statements, including, “I know you’re not crazy, I’ll paint you as crazy.”

Investigators reviewed text messages exchanged between the pair, determining that the alleged suicidal texts were part of a larger argument about their relationship, not indicative of a true desire to harm herself.

Davis is currently held in Dauphin County Prison without bail. It remains unclear if he has entered a plea or retained legal representation. The case highlights the serious charges against a law enforcement officer and the alleged abuse of power within a personal relationship.



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