‘Dunkin’ Disaster: DoorDash Driver Ends Up in Swamp During Delivery Run!

In an unexpected turn of events, a DoorDash delivery in Middleton concluded with a vehicle submerged in a swamp, according to a statement from the Middleton Police Department.

Late Friday morning, the Middleton Police received a distress call from a DoorDash driver reporting that their vehicle had ended up in a body of water in the woods of Middleton. The driver, in a state of panic, had followed GPS instructions while delivering a Dunkin’ order to an address in Middleton.


Upon arrival at the scene, authorities discovered the vehicle down a dirt path behind 18 Kenney Road, still running and partially submerged in the water. The driver, having successfully exited the vehicle, made their way to a nearby residence on Kenney Road.

The Middleton Police, after towing the vehicle from the swamp, confirmed that there was no evidence of leakage from the submerged vehicle into the body of water. The driver, upon their request, was transported to Beverly Hospital, presumably for evaluation and medical attention.

Residents in the area expressed surprise at the incident. Jim Delaney, a local resident, recounted, “We go, ‘There’s a lady in the swamp behind my house.’ I assume — I got a neighbor down around the bend — that she was going there, and she was guessing away, but once she got down to this point, you think she would’ve turned around.”

The property owner, notified of the incident, arrived at the scene after the vehicle had been located and towed. Authorities informed the media that the DoorDash driver would face charges of negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Additionally, a request for an immediate threat license suspension was filed with the state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles.



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