Police Make Gruesome Discovery in Search for Missing Mom

The disappearance of Massachusetts mother Ana Walshe is a tragedy that has left investigators and the public alike searching for answers.

Walshe, 39, a mother of three, was last seen New Year’s Day, however, she wasn’t reported missing until Jan. 4 when she didn’t show up to her job at real estate development firm Tishman Speyer in Washington, D.C.

What began as a case of a missing person has now taken a sinister turn, as police have discovered a series of items connected to Walshe’s disappearance at a trash facility about an hour from her family’s home.

The items found at the Peabody trash transfer station included trash bags with blood, a hatchet, a hacksaw, a rug, and used cleaning supplies.

While the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office has not confirmed what these items have to do with Walshe’s disappearance, it has stated that all of these items will be subject to testing and processing to determine their evidentiary value.

Adding to the mystery is the fact that Walshe’s husband, Brian Walshe, has been charged with misleading investigators. Police have also found blood in the basement of the family’s home and a damaged knife, as well as the fact that Brian Walshe made a $450 cash purchase of cleaning supplies.

What’s more, CNN reported that Brian Walshe had conducted internet searches on how to dispose of a 115-pound woman’s body and how to dismember a body, citing law enforcement sources.

Adding an even more bizarre twist is the fact that Brian Walshe’s trip for cleaning supplies was in violation of the conditions of his house arrest. He is currently awaiting sentencing for selling a pair of fake Andy Warhol paintings for $80,000 and can’t leave the family’s home without permission from the court.

Brian Walshe’s attorney, Tracy Miner, has declined to comment saying, “I am not doing press interviews or even responding to inquiries, as right now my focus is on defending my client in court,” she told Fox News Monday.


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