Patrick Dempsey Just Took Matters Into His Own Hands – Literally!

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey were recently taken aback when the actor posted a video to social media of himself giving himself a dramatic haircut with an electric shaver. With his wife, Jillian, being a famous celebrity hairstylist, we can safely assume he picked up a few tips and tricks from her handbook. So what’s all the buzz about? Let’s take a closer look at this stellar new style!

Before revealing his new look, Patrick had been sporting longer hair, with much of it pushed forward in an effortless style. But now that the actor has gone for the buzz cut, his facial features have come alive in a way fans haven’t seen before. His jawline is more defined than ever, making us wonder why he didn’t make this change sooner!

Clearly, the actor was no stranger to giving himself haircuts; in fact, he did such an impeccable job at it that you’d think it was done professionally. We could only imagine how many other celebrities would love to have their spouse help them out with their locks like that from time to time!


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When news broke of the actor’s unexpected transformation, reactions from fellow celebrities started flooding in. From ex-Grey’s castmates like Ellen Pompeo and Chandra Wilson expressing their love for his new look to other A-listers like Kate Hudson applauding him for such an effortless trim—it seemed as though everyone got swept away by the actor’s daring decision. We can only imagine how thrilled Jillian must have been seeing her husband embrace such a bold new style!

With his latest Instagram post, Patrick Dempsey proved that he wasn’t afraid to take risks and try something different regarding his hairstyle. He also showed us just how talented he is when it comes to giving himself haircuts—so perhaps we should all start taking tips from him too? Not only did he leave us feeling inspired, he also had us laughing along with him. We can’t wait to see what other kinds of looks the star will be rocking next!



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