Mother Of The Bride Spark Fury Over Dress Choice: ‘She Wanted To Be the Star’

Hello everyone, let’s dive into a story that’s been stirring up quite a bit of controversy online. A mother-of-the-bride has found herself in the spotlight after choosing a flamboyant dress for her daughter’s wedding.

The video, captioned ‘The most stunning MOB dress we’ve ever seen!!!!,’ shows Lori DeWitt, 53, confidently walking down the aisle in a bespoke Audrey + Brooks outfit.

Lori DeWitt, hailing from Louisiana, donned a green dress featuring a loud floral design, a plunging neckline, and a removable train and bow. Meanwhile, her daughter, Amanda DeWitt Leblanc, 26, opted for a comparatively tame white off-the-shoulder gown. The contrasting styles quickly caught the internet’s attention after wedding-content producer Chloe LeBlanc posted the video on TikTok.

Opinions were sharply divided. Some viewers commended Lori’s bold fashion choice, while others felt she was trying to upstage her daughter. Comments ranged from, “Why does the MOB want to be the center of attention???” to “Finally! A MOB dress that is NOT DOWDY. Love this for both of them.”

Mother-of-the-brides outfit (Picture from the Daily Mail)

Despite the controversy, Lori defended her decision, stating she would never do anything to hurt her daughter. In fact, Lori and Amanda bought their dresses together during a shopping trip in New York City. Lori even made sure her dress was appropriate for the Catholic Church ceremony by altering the originally strapless design to have a suitable neckline.

Amanda has stood by her mother throughout the ordeal, describing the dress as “perfect” and saying, “I love what she wore. My mom looked absolutely stunning. It was just as much her day as it was mine. We wanted our family members to shine.”

Lori admits that the negative comments were a bit heartbreaking but has maintained her sense of humor. “For my next daughter’s wedding, I think I’m going to show up in a burlap sack that says MOB,” she joked.

This story highlights the differing opinions on wedding etiquette and fashion, but ultimately, it’s a reminder that weddings are about celebrating love and family, no matter what anyone wears.

Daily Mail


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