More Allegations Made Against Courtney Clenney

Austin, Texas (NBC6) – Recently released police records have revealed that OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney drunkenly propositioned a teenager while walking her dogs near her parents’ home in Austin, Texas just three months after she allegedly killed her boyfriend, cryptocurrency trader Christian Obumseli, in April 2022.

According to the police report, Clenney, 27, approached an 18-year-old boy near her parents’ home and asked him to walk her home. Witnesses reported that she appeared visibly intoxicated and was stumbling around. When the teenager refused to kiss her, Clenney became aggressive and threatened to burn down his house. The boy then texted his father to report the incident, and his father came out to confront Clenney. He called the police when she became physically aggressive towards him.

Clenney’s mother, Deborah Clenney, apologized for her daughter’s behavior and admitted that Courtney had been going through a tough time and wasn’t supposed to be drinking. In a separate report, another deputy noted that Courtney had watery eyes and smelled strongly of alcohol.

The police report stated that Clenney adamantly denied shoving anyone and claimed that it was not in her character. She became emotional and explained to the deputy that she had recently moved back in with her parents and was starting outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction the following Monday.

However, it wasn’t until the next day that the teenager’s father, Jovan, learned of Clenney’s troubled past. He said that if he had known about her involvement in her boyfriend’s murder, he would have pressed charges. Jovan described Courtney as aggressive and potentially dangerous, especially when under the influence of alcohol.

Courtney Clenney is currently awaiting trial for the murder of Christian Obumseli. She admits to killing him but claims it was in self-defense, citing a history of abuse in their relationship. However, the medical examiner who performed Obumseli’s autopsy has stated that his injuries could not have been caused by a knife thrown from the distance that Clenney claimed.

In a recent court appearance, Clenney pleaded not guilty to a new felony charge of intercepting wire communications related to Obumseli’s murder. This came after her parents, Kim and Deborah Clenney, were arrested for evidence tampering. Kim Clenney allegedly took Obumseli’s computer from the murder scene and accessed it with a password supplied by his daughter. Her parents were arrested in Houston, Texas, after a request from Miami police.

Obumseli’s computer was later handed over to Clenney’s defense team, but police believe that the transfer occurred sometime between the murder and her arrest in Hawaii. Clenney and Obumseli had moved to Miami earlier that year, and residents and staff at their apartment complex reported multiple domestic disturbance complaints about the couple.

Clenney has a history of domestic violence, including a previous arrest for battery in Las Vegas and multiple calls to their home in Austin, Texas. Jovan, the teenager’s father, stated that he believes Courtney is a disturbed individual who is capable of hurting someone else. The case has caused a media frenzy, with many questioning Clenney’s claims of self-defense and the role her parents may have played in covering up the murder. The trial is expected to bring more shocking revelations to light as prosecutors build their case against Clenney.

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