Money Disappearing From Bank Account? Dad Discovers What His 6-Year-Old Son Did!

When 6-year-old Mason Stonehouse of Michigan was put to bed for the night, his family had no idea that he had big plans for the evening. However, when the doorbell rang with a car delivery of a big bag of food, it became apparent that the young boy had been making expensive orders from various restaurants.

“I was putting Mason to bed and saw a car pull up and the doorbell rang with the driver dropping off a big bag of stuff,” Stonehouse told MLive. That was just the start of the orders, he said. “The doorbell rang again and it kept happening. Car after car. Cars were pulling into the driveway while others were pulling out.”

Initially, Stonehouse thought it was someone dropping off something for his wife who owns a bakery, however, when he saw that the bag was from a restaurant he was baffled.

The Stonehouse family was shocked to see the amount of food that Mason had ordered, and even more shocked to see the amount of money that was being drained from their bank account. The total was closing in on $1000 worth of food. With multiple cars coming and going from the driveway, they soon realized that they had no way of canceling the orders.

“I took the food and then it hit me,” Stonehouse said. “I looked at my phone with repeated messages that my food was getting ready, my food was being delivered. I looked at my bank account and it was getting drained.”

“This was like something out of a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit,” said Stonehouse, who noted that he received a fraud alert from Chase Bank declining a nearly $450 order to a pizza place.

In the end, the Stonehouse family was able to store most of the food in the fridge, and even invited their neighbors over to enjoy some of it. Mason’s father, Keith, was left in disbelief over the situation, noting that the moment when Mason asked if the pepperoni pizzas had come yet made him laugh despite the circumstances.



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