Missing Man Found Trapped In 24-Inch Pipe

A routine day on a north Georgia highway took a dramatic turn when calls for help led to the miraculous rescue of a young man trapped in a 24-inch drainpipe under the road.

The harrowing ordeal took place in Fort Oglethorpe, about 106 miles north of Atlanta, where firefighters spent a grueling nine hours trying to extricate the 22-year-old from the partially clogged storm drain. It is suspected that the man had been trapped for over a day before his rescue, making the efforts of the heroic rescuers even more admirable.

It all began when a concerned motorist phoned Catoosa fire department at around 3 pm on Tuesday, reporting faint cries for help coming from the bowels of a storm drain near the intersection of Highway 27 (Lafayette Road).

Without hesitation, firefighters sprang into action and were shocked to discover a young man trapped in a 24-inch drainpipe that was partly obstructed by heavy, rocky debris. Despite the challenging conditions, the team persisted, determined to save the young man’s life.

With grit, determination, and unwavering focus, the firefighters worked diligently to chip away at the compacted debris blocking the way. The process was made even more difficult by the narrow diameter of the pipe, but these brave individuals persisted, their will to save the trapped man unbreakable.

As the hours ticked by, they harnessed the help of a vacuum truck, which aided in removing the debris from the pipe. The trapped man was able to remain conscious and communicate with his rescuers throughout the ordeal, providing much-needed encouragement and hope for his safe rescue.

The 22-year-old’s family had reported him missing earlier that morning, and it was believed that he had been trapped in the drain since the day before when he entered the storm pipe for unknown reasons. His family must have been in a state of panic and despair, but thankfully, the rescue efforts of the firefighters proved to be a lifesaving success.

Once freed, the young man was quickly rushed to the hospital by Puckett EMS for evaluation and treatment. The exact nature and extent of his injuries have not been disclosed, but it is a blessing that he was found and rescued before it was too late.

Catoosa County Fire Chief, Daniel Walston, expressed his pride and gratitude towards his team as well as the several partnering agencies that aided in the rescue.

As he put it, “Thanks to our firefighters putting their confined space rescue training to work and the assistance from several partnering agencies, this lengthy and technical rescue has a successful outcome.” The cooperation and harmonious efforts of everyone involved have truly proven to be a shining example of humanity at its best.

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