Man Arrested After Shocking Find in Mt. Washington Home

In a shocking discovery, law enforcement officials arrested a Kentucky man after uncovering a collection of 40 human skulls and various body parts at his residence. The FBI stumbled upon the grisly find during an investigation into the theft of body parts from Harvard Medical School’s morgue.

James Nott, a 39-year-old resident of Mt. Washington, was taken into custody following the revelation. It is alleged that Nott acquired the human remains from Jeremy Pauley, a Pennsylvania man who had obtained them from a woman involved in stealing parts from donated cadavers intended for medical research and education at Harvard.

Investigators revealed that Pauley had purchased hearts, brains, lungs, and two fetal specimens from the woman, making payments through the PayPal online banking service. Alongside the 40 human skulls, FBI agents also discovered human spinal cords, hip bones, and femurs at Nott’s residence, with some of the skulls reportedly adorned with decorations.

During the search, law enforcement authorities also found additional concerning items. These included a Harvard Medical School bag, various firearms, including an AK-47, inert grenades, and body armor plates.

United States Attorney Gerard M. Karam expressed his strong condemnation of the case, issuing a scathing statement. He emphasized that the theft and trafficking of human remains strike at the very core of humanity. Karam further highlighted the egregious nature of the incident, as many of the victims had willingly donated their remains for the purpose of educating medical professionals and advancing scientific knowledge.

Nott, who resided alone, was promptly booked into the Oldham County jail and has been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm as a prohibited person. The investigation is ongoing, with authorities looking into the full extent of the activities involving the stolen body parts.

In response to an inquiry by an FBI agent, Nott chillingly replied, “Only my dead friends,” suggesting a disturbing familiarity with the macabre discoveries made at his home.

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