Magical Moment: Skydiver’s Daring Stunt Goes Viral!

In a spectacle that has captivated viewers worldwide, a skydiving instructor in England has achieved an extraordinary feat, landing precisely on an inflatable unicorn placed on a slip-and-slide. The jaw-dropping stunt, performed by skydiving expert Jan Zackl, unfolded during a skydiving competition held in Langar, Nottinghamshire, leaving spectators in awe.

The video, now viral, captures the daring descent of Zackl, who skillfully navigates the skies with a vibrant green parachute before executing a flawless landing on the blow-up unicorn. Just before the touchdown, Zackl lowers himself to the ground and makes a beeline for the inflatable creature, striking it directly on the head. The daring instructor’s exclamation, “I’m coming for ya,” added an extra touch of excitement to the already thrilling moment.

Zackl, originally from the Czech Republic, revealed that the exhilarating sensation of landing at speed is his favorite aspect of skydiving. This particular attempt, however, was not his first, as an initial try “didn’t quite go to plan,” according to Zackl himself. The unique opportunity to land on the unicorn was exclusively open to individuals with a skydiving experience of at least 200 jumps.

Skydiver Hannah Parker emphasized the exclusivity of the stunt, stating that only those with significant prior experience were permitted to attempt the daring feat. Zackl’s successful landing earned him applause from the audience, showcasing his remarkable skills as a seasoned skydiving instructor.

Jan Zackl/Facebook

Sharing the remarkable achievement on Instagram, Zackl expressed his elation, noting, “I’m not gonna lie, this feels pretty damn good! Sometimes life just gives you slip’n’slides and unicorns!!! 😊” He credited Skydive Langar for providing the opportunity, labeling them as “the absolute best.”

Additional angles of the jaw-dropping landing were shared by Skydive Langar on YouTube, including footage from Zackl’s own point of view. The exhilarating video showcases Zackl’s controlled descent, quick spins, and the triumphant moment of sticking the landing, met with enthusiastic cheers from onlookers.

While acknowledging the rarity of unicorn landings, Skydive Langar playfully assured potential thrill-seekers, stating on Facebook, “While we can’t promise there will always be unicorns on the landing area, we can promise you’ll have a lot of fun on your skydive.” The company encouraged individuals to book a tandem skydive for a chance to experience the magic themselves.



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