Keanu Reeves Shocks Fans With This Surprising Skill!

A video posted on the X platform showcases actor Keanu Reeves, known for his portrayal of John Wick, demonstrating impressive shooting skills at Los Angeles’ Taran Tactical range. The footage captures Reeves using multiple firearms, including a semiautomatic handgun, carbine-sized firearm, .308 rifle, and semiautomatic shotgun, with lethal accuracy and precision. Reeves engages in one-handed and off-handed shooting positions, successfully hitting steel targets.

In the video, a specific sequence involves Reeves starting with his back to the target, turning at the commencement of a timer managed by actress Halle Berry, and swiftly drawing the gun to shoot predetermined targets. Taran Butler, owner of Taran Tactical, can be heard expressing admiration for Reeves after a series of rapid firing, stating, “That was awesome.”

Breitbart News visited Taran Tactical in early August 2023, where Taran Butler discussed his role in training various actors, including Reeves, Michael B. Jordan, Jennifer Garner, Shemar Moore, Collin Farrell, Josh Duhamel, and Chris Hemsworth. Butler emphasized the importance of actors acquiring proficiency in gun handling, including manipulating controls and accurately firing rounds on target.

According to Butler, excellence in gun handling significantly contributes to the authenticity of firearm use in films, enhancing the overall cinematic experience. The video featuring Reeves shooting at Taran Tactical serves as a testament to the commitment to excellence both Reeves and Butler have demonstrated behind the scenes of the John Wick movie series.

On a completely different note, pun intended, take a look at one of the great passions in the star’s life. You will see how he fell in love with music and in particular, the bass guitar.

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