Irishman Whips Out Fiddle & What Happened Next Was Like Out Of A Movie

On a recent flight from Belfast to Lanzarote, a group of passengers were treated to an unexpected and delightful experience when a fiddle and some talented musicians turned a mundane flight into a lively Irish folk music session.

The impromptu performance was captured on video by passenger Danny Walters, who was flying with his wife to the Canary Islands for a holiday. The footage shows musician Sean Magee, accompanied by fellow musicians Nathan Carter and Matthew Crampsey, leading the passengers in a sing-along to the tune of Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal, a popular folk song made famous by the group Goats Don’t Shave in the 90s.

According to Danny, Magee had paid for an extra seat for his fiddle so that he didn’t have to check it in as luggage. When they boarded the plane and Magee asked for his fiddle, the atmosphere on the plane shifted from the usual boredom of a long flight to excitement and curiosity.

As the musicians began their performance, Magee called out to the passengers, asking if anyone was from Donegal, the region in Ireland where the song Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal originated. In response, many passengers cheered and the energy on the plane continued to rise.

One passenger even joined in the fun by jumping up to do a traditional Irish dance in the aisle, much to the delight of the others. The video shows the passengers clapping, singing, and laughing along, creating a warm and joyous atmosphere on the plane.

The unexpected performance was a hit among the passengers and it quickly went viral after being shared on social media. Many viewers commented on the contagious spirit and joy that the musicians brought to the plane, turning a routine flight into a memorable and unique experience.

Danny explained that Magee and his friends were heading to Lanzarote for some gigs and he was fortunate enough to be able to meet up with the talented flying fiddler during his vacation.

Danny also shared how the spontaneous performance brought people together. “Everybody loved it!” he said, emphasizing the power of music to unite people and break down barriers.

The musicians, who are some of the biggest names in Irish folk music, spread joy and laughter through their impromptu performance, bringing a piece of Ireland to the skies.

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