Incredibly Embarrassing Moment On Wheel Of Fortune Contestants Screw Up

Hold onto your hats, because we’ve got a story straight from the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune that’s sure to make you chuckle. On Monday night’s show, host Pat Sajak found himself in the middle of an unexpected celebration after contestants answered a puzzle incorrectly.

It all began with Rufus Cumberlander, who was so confident in his answer that he started fist-bumping his fellow contestants, Luidgi Altidor and Cynthia King, before the answer was confirmed. The puzzle at hand was a toss-up, and the phrase to be completed was: ‘_ _ N ‘ _ _ _ _ K A _ _ _.’

Cynthia King buzzed in first but couldn’t solve the puzzle, passing the chance to her opponents. That’s when Cumberlander enthusiastically shouted ‘DON’T LOOK AWAY.’ The room was filled with excitement as Altidor and Cumberlander celebrated their perceived victory with fist bumps. Even Pat Sajak’s repeated ‘no, no, no, no, no’ couldn’t break through their joy.

The celebration came to an abrupt halt when the incorrect answer buzzed off, and the realization hit them: ‘DON’T LOOK AWAY’ was not the correct answer. The actual phrase was ‘CAN’T LOOK AWAY.’

Pat Sajak, ever the professional, couldn’t help but chuckle at the mix-up. “Everybody’s congratulating everybody, and WE get to keep the money!!” he quipped, highlighting the amusing misunderstanding.

Because none of the contestants answered correctly, the points for that segment were awarded to Cynthia King, who had already won the two previous puzzles. King’s steady performance earned her a total of $19,390 for the night, making her the episode’s big winner.

All three contestants, including Cumberlander and Altidor, had appeared on the show before. King had even competed as recently as February, and the trio was brought back for the Fan Favorites Week. Cumberlander first graced the Wheel of Fortune stage in 2015, while Altidor made his debut in 2020.

So, folks, the next time you think you’ve nailed the answer on a game show, remember Rufus Cumberlander’s confident but incorrect guess. It’s a hilarious reminder that sometimes, even the most sure-footed steps can lead to a stumble. Keep watching Wheel of Fortune for more unexpected moments and plenty of fun!

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