Huge Record-Breaking ‘Monster’ Caught in Mississippi- Shocking Video!

In a remarkable feat during Mississippi’s ongoing alligator hunting season, a group of four hunters captured and killed an astonishingly massive alligator, shattering the state record. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks revealed that Tanner White, Don Woods, Will Thomas, and Joey Clark were the hunters responsible for this extraordinary catch, which took place on a fateful Saturday.

The male alligator they managed to subdue measured an astounding 14 feet and 3 inches in length, with a belly girth of 66 inches and a tail girth of 46.5 inches. However, the most jaw-dropping detail was its staggering weight, coming in at a whopping 802.5 pounds. This gigantic reptile outstripped the previous record-holder, a 2017 alligator that measured 14 feet and 3/4 inches in length and weighed 766.5 pounds, according to SuperTalk Mississippi Media. The sheer size of this colossal creature, significantly longer than three hunters standing side by side, left onlookers in awe.

Social media was abuzz with reactions to this astonishing discovery. One observer marveled, “That’s a real dinosaur,” while another exclaimed, “What a monster! You grow ’em big in Mississippi!”

The state of Mississippi has permitted public alligator sport hunting since 2005. The hunting season spans ten days, enabling hunters with the appropriate permits to “harvest” two alligators measuring over 4 feet, with the caveat that only one of them can exceed 7 feet in length. This year’s season commenced on a Friday.

It’s important to note that alligators, which the state describes as “not naturally aggressive towards people,” cannot be captured, removed, or killed without a proper permit from the state’s wildlife department.

Alligator populations have generated controversy in certain regions of the state, with residents expressing concerns about safety and their pets. Earlier this year, authorities permitted a two-weekend hunt to address population concerns in areas where alligator attacks on dogs had been reported. One resident living on Pelahatchie Bay warned, “It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. The alligators need to go. We’ve got too many.”


CBS News


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