Actor Reveals Suffering A Major Injury While Filming A Now Holiday Classic

The iconic holiday favorite, Home Alone, is celebrating 30 years. Joe Pesci, the actor who played the thief named Harry in the 1992 holiday movie, says he burned his head in an infamous scene in which his character’s hat catches on fire.

Pesci has the scars to prove his dedication to his role in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

In one of the many hilariously destructive scenes, Harry’s head goes up in flames thanks to a trap set by Kevin McAllister who was played by Macaulay Culkin. The prank scene concludes with Harry plunging his head into a toilet that was unknowingly filled with kerosene.

However, Pesci says the fire wasn’t all movie props and stunt magic. In an interview with People, Pesci described the very real burns he suffered while filming the scene.

Pesci stated, “In addition to the expected bumps, bruises, and general pains that you would associate with that particular type of physical humor, I did sustain serious burns to the top of my head during the scene where Harry’s hat is set on fire.”

Though Pesci performed the stunts for that specific Home Alone 2 scene, he added, “I was fortunate enough to have professional stuntmen do the real heavy stunts.”

In the first 2 Home Alone movies, Pesci performed with his co-star Daniel Stern who played his fellow thief Murray.   However, Pesci left the franchise after the second movie.

Though the original cast would not return, more Home Alone remakes continued when Home Alone 3 was made in 1997, Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House in 2002, Home Alone: The Holiday Heist in 2012, and most recently, Home Sweet Home Alone in 2021.

Despite the continued popularity of the franchise, especially the first two Home Alone movies, Pesci said his days of working on the franchise are far behind him.

When asked about staring in another Home Alone movie, Pesci told People, “While you never say never, I think that it would be difficult to replicate not only the success but also the overall innocence of the originals.”

He continued to say, “It’s a different time now; attitudes and priorities have changed in 30 years.”



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