Hollywood Actor Kevin Bacon Helps Rescue Famous Pig!

In a heartwarming tale of adventure and community support, Kevin Bacon, a two-year-old 200-pound Juliana pig, embarked on a two-week escapade before finally finding his way back home in Cumberland Township, Pennsylvania. The journey of Kevin Bacon, the pig, captured the hearts of locals, and even drew the attention of a famous namesake, actor Kevin Bacon.

The saga began on October 13 when Chelsea Rumbaugh welcomed Kevin Bacon to her farm. However, the very next day, the mischievous pig managed to slip away from his pen, setting off on a series of escapades that would have been the envy of any great adventurer. According to Rumbaugh, Kevin Bacon was seen meandering around a campground and occasionally returning to the homestead, only to disappear back into the woods.

Rumbaugh created a Facebook page, initially titled “Bring Kevin Bacon Home,” to rally her neighbors and local hunters in the quest to retrieve her missing pig, who seemed to have a knack for evading capture. The page swiftly gained popularity and caught the attention of none other than actor Kevin Bacon, who shared a post on the app Threads to encourage efforts to bring the runaway pig back home.

Despite the challenging game of cat-and-mouse, or rather, pig-and-farmer, that unfolded between Rumbaugh and Kevin Bacon, the determined farmer’s daily efforts to coax the pig closer gradually bore fruit. In her Facebook updates, she described the ongoing interaction as a “song and dance” between her and the elusive pig, where Kevin would come close, but dart away playfully, a scene that amused the online audience.

Ultimately, Kevin Bacon’s return home was aided by a creative strategy. Rumbaugh laid out a Benadryl-laced sticky bun in hopes that the antihistamine would induce drowsiness in the pig. The plan worked, and on October 31, the adventurous pig wandered back into his pen and was safely captured.

Now comfortably ensconced in a reinforced pen, Kevin Bacon is enjoying some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Although he remains wary of humans, Rumbaugh and her family are committed to building trust and helping him adjust to his homecoming.

In the end, the tale of Kevin Bacon, the runaway pig, has a happy ending that speaks to the power of community support, determination, and even a touch of celebrity involvement, as actor Kevin Bacon’s online encouragement played a role in the heartwarming reunion. The Facebook page, once dedicated to the pursuit of the wandering pig, was renamed “Kevin’s Home Adventures” to reflect the return of their beloved family member.


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