Heartbreaking Moment: Teen Killed in Severe School Bus Accident

In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded last week in Nova Friburgo, a city near Rio de Janeiro, the lives of classmates and witnesses were shattered as they watched 13-year-old Fernanda Pacheco Ferraz lose her life in a horrific accident. Fernanda, a student at Professor Carlos Cortes State College, met her untimely end when she boarded a bus to head home, only to collide with a pole while waving goodbye to her friends.

According to accounts from witnesses, the young girl had leaned her head out of the left-side window of the bus to bid her friends farewell. Tragically, at that very moment, the bus veered unexpectedly, striking a pole located on the same side. The impact proved fatal for Fernanda, leaving her with a severe head injury that claimed her life before first responders could reach the scene. The incident took place on Rua Luiz Catarcione, a narrow road where the bus driver, from the company Nova Faol, reported being forced to navigate around another vehicle, leading to the collision with the pole.

Immediately following the incident, passengers on the bus alerted the driver, who promptly halted the vehicle. The Rio de Janeiro State Department of Education expressed its sorrow over the accident, offering condolences to Fernanda’s family and the school community. In honor of her memory, the department declared a two-day mourning period, temporarily suspending classes at Professor Carlos Cortes State College. Classes resumed a few days later, though the weight of Fernanda’s absence continued to be felt.

The bus driver, a seasoned professional with over 13 years of experience, cooperated with authorities in their investigation. Both the driver and the bus company are actively participating in the probe into the incident. While details surrounding potential charges remain unclear at this time, the local community, including witnesses who recounted the harrowing details of the accident, remains in shock over the tragic loss of a young life.

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