Adam Sandler & Drew Carey’s Heartfelt Tributes to Famous ‘Price Is Right’ Bob Barker

Television icon Bob Barker’s final wishes are being respected by his friends and family as they forgo a funeral or memorial service following his recent passing. The legendary TV host, best known for his role as the original host of “The Price Is Right,” had specifically requested a private and intimate farewell. Barker’s longtime publicist, Roger Neal, shared that the decision was in line with Barker’s desire for privacy. The beloved figure’s final resting place will be beside his late wife Dorothy Jo Barker, with whom he wished to be reunited. Barker had secured this adjacent plot decades ago to ensure they could remain together for eternity at Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood Hills.

Upon the announcement of Barker’s passing on August 26, a wave of tributes flooded in from Hollywood. Actor Adam Sandler took to Instagram to express his deep affection for Barker, reminiscing about their interactions and the laughter they shared. Drew Carey, who succeeded Barker as the host of “The Price Is Right,” paid heartfelt tribute on Twitter, acknowledging Barker’s enduring impact on the show and his own life.

Although Barker stepped down from his hosting role in 2007, his lasting connection with audiences earned him unwavering admiration. Neal pointed out that Barker’s engagement with the viewers was genuine, manifested in his interactions with the audience during breaks and before they left the studio. This authenticity contributed to his enduring popularity.

Barker’s longevity was also attributed to his partner, Nancy Burnet, who had been by his side since 1983. Neal credited her for taking exceptional care of Barker, ensuring his well-being even in his later years. However, Burnet has opted to stay away from on-camera interviews, given her emotional state following Barker’s passing.

Roger Neal himself is mourning the loss of a client he had worked with since 1987. He emphasized that Barker had been his favorite client throughout the years, highlighting the profound impact Barker had on his life.

As friends, family, and fans pay their respects, Bob Barker’s legacy lives on through his contributions to television and his deep connection with the hearts of his audience.

New York Daily News


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