Grammy Winner Takes Epic Fall on Stage!

Shania Twain proved once again that she is a true professional as she powered through a minor onstage slip during her concert at Chicago’s Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre in Tinley Park on Saturday. The five-time Grammy winner, known for her hit songs and captivating performances, didn’t let the fall hinder her show and continued to deliver an incredible performance for her fans.

As Twain strutted across the stage in knee-high boots during her rendition of the popular song “Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You),” she unexpectedly slid and briefly fell to the ground. However, in true Shania fashion, she quickly recovered and addressed the crowd while still on the ground, shouting, “Don’t be stupid, Chicago! You know I love you!” Her humorous remark delighted the audience, who cheered her on. With remarkable resilience, she swiftly got back on her feet and seamlessly continued with the rest of the performance, leaving no sign of the slip affecting her stage presence.

Prior to embarking on her Queen of Me tour, which kicked off in Spokane, Wash. in April, Twain provided Billboard with insights into the production behind the show. She emphasized her involvement in every aspect of the tour, from stage design and lighting to wardrobe choices. This dedication reflects her commitment to delivering a memorable and visually captivating experience for her fans.

Twain’s setlist for the Queen of Me tour includes a selection of vocal-heavy songs from her namesake album. The singer highlighted the daily vocal rehearsals undertaken by her band members to ensure flawless performances of the songs. She expressed the intricacy of the vocal arrangements, explaining that the new material required more layers and counterparting than the country-sounding songs she had previously performed.

One of the tour’s highlights is a medley that allows Twain to incorporate fan favorites and delve into deeper album cuts. This unique approach to the setlist not only pleases her dedicated fanbase but also allows her to revisit songs that she may not have performed live before or in a long time. The careful selection and arrangement of the songs aim to create a seamless flow throughout the show and cater to the desires of her loyal supporters.

Following the Chicago concert, Shania Twain’s next stop on the Queen of Me tour is in Bethel, N.Y. on July 3. Fans can expect another extraordinary performance filled with her signature energy, powerful vocals, and infectious enthusiasm.



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