Goldie Hawn Slams This Popular Movement

Goldie Hawn, the celebrated actress, and comedian, recently opened up about her views on “cancel culture” in an interview with Variety. Hawn expressed concern about the effects this phenomenon has had on others, noting that it has “disrupted” the creative process for many.

Hawn noted that she is “concerned about these areas” where people “suddenly don’t have a job” or “can’t date a woman within the business or you’re going to get fired.” She also expressed dismay over the censorship of classic books, saying, “I don’t like that.”

“I think that it’s important to stand vigilant on people’s behavior and really understand when they’re out of line and be able to handle it,” she said. “But I’m concerned about these areas: Suddenly you don’t have a job. Suddenly you can’t date a woman within the business or you’re going to get fired.”

“They’re canceling books — classic books that no one can read. I don’t like that. There’s mistrust everywhere,” she continued.

Hawn went on to say, “Schools are being politicized. But for the greater good of our children? No one’s really looking at that.”

According to Merriam-Webster, cancel culture is “the practice or tendency of engaging in mass canceling as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure.”

Hawn believes that “the level of sensitivity is so high that comedians are afraid to tell certain jokes the way they used to.” She went on to say that while there are certain areas she agrees with, “the level of sensitivity is unforgiving,” she said, “it’s not a good feeling when you’re in a creative mode.”

“It’s rigid, concretized thinking, which is not good. It’s got double edges on it. And who has the right to cancel?” she questioned.

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