From Dark Arts to Divine Love: TV Star’s Shocking Transformation!

Former tattoo artist and reality TV personality Kat Von D shared her spiritual journey towards Christianity on the “Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey” podcast. Von D, known for her role in “L.A. Ink,” discussed her exploration of new age practices such as witchcraft, meditation, and yoga during her 20s, driven by a free-thinking mentality to question authority.

Facing challenges with alcohol and drugs, Von D achieved sobriety nearly 17 years ago but found non-Christian spirituality to be inadequate, describing it as “short-lived band-aids on a sinking ship.” Reflecting on her quest for meaning in the wrong places, she decided to discard books on witchcraft and new age practices, viewing them as distractions or “crutches” hindering her connection with Jesus.

Von D expressed a desire to eliminate these distractions and focus solely on her Christian faith, stating, “I just want Jesus, and it’s a very narrow road. I feel like all these other, these breathing techniques, or spell work, nature worship, all these things, they’re just crutches. They’re not really my answer.”

During the lockdowns, Von D re-evaluated her life, and a friend shared a sermon that resonated with her, answering questions she had. She conveyed her enthusiasm for Jesus, emphasizing that she is “on fire” for her newfound faith. Despite facing backlash for sharing her baptism ceremony on social media, Von D defended the decision, stating it was intentional, symbolizing a way of making amends with her followers.

Born Katherine von Drachenberg in Mexico to Christian missionary parents, Von D rebelled in her teenage years, running away from home at 14. She acknowledged the positive influence of her parents’ Christian upbringing, crediting her father for providing a foundation that eventually led her back to God. Von D expressed gratitude for discovering faith as an adult, emphasizing the profound and meaningful nature of her relationship with God.

Having recently moved to Indiana, Von D joined a Baptist church, decided to get baptized, and openly celebrates her decision, despite skepticism from some quarters. She aims to be open and honest about her faith journey, viewing her baptism as a symbolic gesture and a way of setting things right.

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