Former University of Tennessee Reporter Forced To Resigned Makes Statement

The former University of Tennessee sideline reporter resigned from her job earlier this week as she admitted she was ‘IGNORANT’. Kasey Funderburg apologized for using the n-word in tweets that forced her to resign when they resurfaced eight years from their original posting.

“The comments I tweeted as a high school student were unacceptable and ignorant,” Funderburg, 26, said in a statement issued on Wednesday on Twitter.

“I sincerely apologize for using offensive language and to anyone I hurt or offended with those remarks. I take full responsibility for my actions. This language is not appropriate in any context and has not been part of my vocabulary since then,” she said.

Her resignation came just a few days after some old Twitter posts from 2013 and 2014 resurfaced online in which she used ‘offensive language.’

The offensive tweets were sent by Funderburg as early as 2013, when she was still in high school

The offensive tweets were sent by Funderburg when she was still in high school.

A spokesman for Tennessee’s athletic department declined in further detail about her resignation other than the fact that it was effective as of October 27th.

Funderburg, a UT graduate and former full-time employee in the athletics department also had on-air roles in various Vol Network programming. She also appeared on the ESPN-operated SEC Network on a few occasions.

Funderburg’s old Twitter posts were revealed following an online interaction with an alleged Twitter troll, known as Richard G. West. West frequently targets the University of Tennessee and its fans.

Apparently, West told Vols fans to paint their faces black for Saturday’s game against Kentucky. Funderburg called him out for spreading false information and for trying to persuade Tennessee fans into wearing offensive blackface.

“THIS IS A FAKE ACCOUNT and it’s disgusting that this person thinks putting out a joke like this is okay,” Funderburg responded from her account, according to Outkick.

“Please don’t believe everything you read on Twitter,” she added.

Following the interaction, other people began posting her old tweets, in which she used the n-word, according to Outkick.

Since her resignation, many have gathered in support of her and have formed a petition which has been launched to bring her back to the Vol Network. However, for unknown reasons, the page has been removed.

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