Famous Zookeeper and Wildlife Advocate Jack Hanna, Faces Debilitating Disease

Jack Hanna, a legendary zookeeper, television personality, and advocate for wildlife conservation, has been facing a profound decline in his health due to the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s in 2019, Hanna’s condition has significantly worsened over the past four years, leading to memory loss and an inability to recognize even his own family members.

Hanna, who dedicated his life to working with animals as a zookeeper, zoo director, and popular television host, can no longer recall significant portions of his life, including memories of his beloved hometown, Columbus, Ohio. In a poignant encounter, a journalist from The Columbus Dispatch introduced himself to Hanna, who responded with confusion, asking if he had ever been to Columbus.

The toll of the disease has left Hanna struggling with changes to his routine, often reacting with anger and frustration when faced with disruptions. His wife, Suzi, describes his days spent on the porch of their Montana home, where he finds solace. However, Hanna’s inability to remember simple tasks and moments of confusion have become increasingly prevalent. On one occasion, he mistakenly believed he had gone blind, when in fact, he had stacked multiple pairs of contact lenses in his eyes, forgetting each time.

Despite the heartbreaking challenges, Suzi remains devoted to caring for her husband and cherishing the fragments of his former self that emerge. Their daily walks along the nearby river provide moments of connection as Hanna stops to touch trees and expresses sentiments of love and gratitude.

The Hanna family has decided to share their story with the public, hoping it will provide solace and support to others facing similar circumstances. While Hanna initially insisted on keeping his diagnosis private, allegations surfaced in 2021 suggesting that he had misled the public about the origin of animals showcased in his television appearances. These claims added further anguish to the family, as they shielded Hanna from the controversy due to his worsening condition.

As his daughters recall their father’s unwavering dedication to animal welfare, they emphasize that the allegations are unfounded and that Hanna would have faced them head-on if he had been aware. Regrettably, Hanna only became aware of the accusations when he saw his own face on television during the news coverage. Mistakenly believing that his family had announced his diagnosis, he pleaded with his wife, feeling betrayed and heartbroken.

Suzi, the primary caretaker for Hanna, remains steadfast in her commitment to providing him with personal care, declining professional assistance. Despite the daughters’ pleas for additional support, Suzi insists on preserving the intimacy between her and her ailing husband for as long as possible.

While the disease continues to rob Jack Hanna of his memories and his former self, his family aims to preserve the legacy of the man who dedicated his life to protecting and advocating for animals. Their decision to share his story serves as a poignant reminder of the devastating impact of Alzheimer’s disease, bringing awareness and understanding to countless families dealing with similar challenges.

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