Family of Five Makes Shocking Historic Move

The Sutton family of Virginia is making history by answering their country’s call to serve in the United States Navy. Triplets Ayrion, Andrea, and Adrion Sutton are joining forces with their father, Andre Sutton, with the goal of making a difference for their nation.

The Sutton family has a long history of serving in the United States Navy. Andre Sutton and his wife, Tiffany, met while serving aboard the USS Arctic in 1999. With five of their children now enlisted, the Suttons suspect that they may be the first black triplets to join the Navy together.

“We were just ecstatic when we found out they wanted to join the military,” Tiffany Sutton said.

“I was trying to follow my dad, looking up to him, so I wanted to join the Navy,” Adrion Sutton said.

“It was pretty much their idea, but I went in first, which was weird,” said Andrea Sutton. “If all of us were on a boat together, it would be really fun.”

“You have some that all want to do different things, so us being in the Navy together is pretty nice,” Ayrion Sutton said.

Andre Sutton had previously served in the Navy for 12 years and decided to reenlist when he saw that his children were interested in joining. After Adrion Sutton, the youngest of the triplets enlisted, Andre Sutton decided to return to the service.

“With me being 52, I’ve got eight years to go, so it was perfect timing,” Andre Sutton said. “I’ve got the pleasure of serving with my kids. Who does that?”

“We’re a package deal,” Andrea Sutton said of her family’s military service.

The same Navy recruiter enlisted all of the members of the family. Petty Officer First Class Ashley Hodges said it was “one of the biggest honors as being a Navy recruiter.”

Ayrion and Andrea Sutton are already serving at duty stations in Norfolk and Oceana. Adrion Sutton just finalized his enlistment last week and is slated to ship to Naval Station Great Lakes in Illinois for basic training in February.

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