Exclusive: Dermot Mulroney Confirms Potential Sequel to Beloved Rom-Com!

After years of speculation and fan requests, a sequel to the beloved 1997 romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Wedding may finally come to fruition. Dermot Mulroney, who starred in the original film alongside Julia Roberts, revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that he is eager to revisit the story and reprise his role as Michael.

When asked about the possibility of a sequel, Mulroney enthusiastically replied, “Yeah, no, I’m in!” He expressed his excitement at Roberts’ recent statements about wanting to make a sequel and joked that she had finally “come to her senses.”

Roberts, who played the lead character Jules in My Best Friend’s Wedding, has been vocal about her desire to revisit the film and catch up with the characters in recent interviews. On Watch What Happens Live, she revealed that she would love to see where Jules’ best friend Michael and his wife Kimmy are in their marriage. During an appearance on CBS Mornings, she playfully speculated about the future of the characters.

Mulroney, who portrayed Jules’ best friend and the object of her affection, Michael, shared his admiration for Roberts and their on-screen chemistry. “You know I would love to work with her any day of the week, month or year,” he said.

The original film followed Jules as she realizes she is in love with Michael, her best friend, just as he announces his engagement to Kimmy. Jules attempts to break up the couple over the four days leading up to the wedding, but in the end, the two marry and Jules is left to dance with her gay best friend, George (played by Rupert Everett), at the wedding.

Mulroney has previously expressed his interest in making a sequel, telling The Talk in 2018 that he has been “clear from the beginning” about his readiness to revisit the story. He shares that same sentiment now, stating that he is “on record” for wanting a sequel.

In the meantime, fans can catch Mulroney in his latest film Anyone But You, which hits theaters on December 22. Roberts’ new film, Leave the World Behind, is currently streaming on Netflix. As expectations for a My Best Friend’s Wedding sequel continue to grow, it’s clear that fans are eager to see their favorite characters reunite on screen.



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