Emotional Trailer for ‘The Chosen’ Season 4 Will Leave You in Tears

A stirring preview of the highly anticipated Season 4 of “The Chosen” was unveiled this Monday, delving into the impending tribulations and hardships that Jesus and his devoted disciples are poised to confront. The acclaimed series, renowned for its exploration of Jesus Christ’s life through the lens of those closest to him, released a two-minute-plus trailer that has left fans brimming with anticipation and emotions.

In the trailer, viewers catch glimpses of a concerned Jesus, portrayed by Jonathan Roumie, along with visibly distressed followers. An evocative voiceover within the clip poignantly contemplates the significance of “darkness,” setting a foreboding tone for the challenges ahead.

Highlighting significant motifs from biblical narratives, the trailer notably features an image of Jesus and his disciples standing before the tomb, a site pivotal to his burial and subsequent resurrection, resonating deeply with those of faith.

The forthcoming season is teased to revolve around the escalation of tensions and looming threats faced by Jesus and his disciples. A press release accompanying the trailer describes the tumultuous narrative, stating that Jesus finds himself burdened by the encroaching enemies while his followers grapple to keep pace with the unfolding events. In a surprising turn, religious leaders, feeling threatened by Jesus’ rising influence, reportedly form an alliance with their Roman oppressors, adding a layer of complexity and danger to the unfolding events.

Creator and director Dallas Jenkins expressed his excitement, underscoring the decision to bring the entire Season 4 exclusively to the big screen after the positive reception to select episodes screened in theaters last year. Jenkins highlighted the significance of presenting all eight episodes theatrically for the immersive experience it offers viewers.

Fathom Events, set to distribute “The Chosen” Season 4, echoed Jenkins’ enthusiasm. CEO Ray Nutt conveyed anticipation for this collaboration, emphasizing the profound impact of witnessing audiences congregating in large numbers to experience the story of Jesus on the grand cinematic canvas.

Scheduled for a theatrical rollout in 2024, Season 4 will debut its first three episodes on February 1, followed by subsequent releases of three episodes on February 15 and the final two episodes on February 29. Ticket sales commenced on Monday for this cinematic event, available for purchase through designated outlets.

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