Drew Barrymore Gives On Deserving Veteran An Amazing Gift

Army Veteran Jonathan Turnbull, who lost his sight during a deployment in Syria in 2019, has recently experienced a significant positive turn of events. Two years ago, Turnbull learned that Drew Barrymore, The Home Depot Foundation, and Tunnels to Towers Foundation were collaborating to renovate his family’s Michigan home, making it more accessible for him, and to pay off their mortgage.

The Turnbull family, including Jonathan, his wife Samantha, and their three children, recently had the opportunity to step into their newly-renovated custom smart home. Jonathan, 37, expressed his gratitude, describing the experience as “absolutely wonderful” and emphasizing the hope it brings for their future. The renovations aimed to ease the challenges posed by Turnbull’s loss of sight.

The Turnbulls’ journey is marked by a deep connection, having met as children at a church camp in Howell, Mich., in 2001. After reconnecting at church, they married in 2010, just days after Jonathan’s graduation from West Point. Jonathan served five tours in various regions, including Afghanistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria.

In January 2019, Jonathan, while on a humanitarian mission in Syria, faced a life-altering incident when he was caught in an ISIS suicide bomber attack. Despite initial grim predictions about his survival, Jonathan defied the odds, leading to his medical retirement. His resilience, chronicled in the co-authored book “Zero Percent Chance,” emphasizes the power of positivity and determination in overcoming adversity.

Since his retirement, Jonathan has focused on family, welcoming two more children and cherishing the time spent with loved ones. The support provided by organizations like The Home Depot Foundation and Tunnels to Towers Foundation showcases a commitment to assisting veterans in rebuilding their lives post-service.



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