Disney Shook: Learns Fans Stick A Fork In Their Biggest Money Maker

Are Marvel fans finished with Marvel Universe? A new study shows that Marvel fans are becoming exhausted by the onslaught of movies that have been released as part of the Franchise.  It also showed that DC fans prefer single superhero movies.

Fandom is a platform made specifically for fans. It is a place where people can discuss, find, and share knowledge on any topic.

Fandom has reported that though a larger number of people would rather watch a new Marvel release over a DC release, the odds show that people would prefer a single, stand-alone superhero story rather than a plot that goes on and on.

The survey polled around 5,000 fans ranging from entertainment to gaming. The study revealed that the audience can be categorized into four different subcategories. These categories are the Advocates, the Intentionalists, The Culturists, and The Flirt. Each has a different view while watching the same film.

The Advocates: These fans are the ‘hardcore’ fans.  They’ll most likely be the ones waiting in line for four hours to see the fourth movie in the Harry Potter franchise. These are your die-hard fans who will watch a movie within the first few days of its release.

The Intentionalists: This group usually makes up the largest section of a franchise’s fan base. These fans tend to be more selective and may be influenced by strong reviews,  themes, who is acting in the film, and who made the film. These fans will usually watch within the first two weeks.

The Culturists: These fans tend to be “heavily influenced by the buzz” that comes with a popular release. They tend to view films as a way to socialize and connect with friends and family as well as join in the larger cultural conversation. This fan base will usually watch within the first month.

The Flirt: This fan base, as the name suggests, dabble here and there. These fans are interested in entertainment they can watch and leave, something that will allow them to enjoy and relate to those around them. They tend to watch something when they have time.  For example, Flirts would enjoy shows such as “The Office” or “The Gilmore Girls”.

20% of DC fans say they are tired of the constant releases whereas around 36% say they are tired of the onslaught of releases.

Perkins Miller, CEO of Fandom said, “Reaching consumers in an impactful way is not a one-size-fits-all formula. Understanding the spectrum of fan identity and how it affects fan behavior has never been more critical across the ever-expanding entertainment landscape.”

Variety | Hindustan Times


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