Customers Give Feedback Over New Costco Packaging

Hello everyone! Let’s dive into the latest buzz at Costco that’s ruffling quite a few feathers – and we’re not just talking about their famous rotisserie chickens!

If you’re one of the millions who loves grabbing those deliciously juicy $4.99 chickens, you might have noticed a change recently. Costco has switched up their packaging from hard-shelled plastic containers to soft plastic bags, and it’s causing quite a stir among shoppers.

For years, Costco’s rotisserie chickens have been a fan favorite, selling an astounding 137 million annually. However, the new packaging, which started rolling out in US stores in March, has not been well-received. Customers are voicing their frustrations, mainly due to the new bags’ tendency to leak, causing messy situations in trolleys, cars, and fridges.

Over on Reddit, a user named Bozerks shared their experience, saying, “Chicken juice spilled all over the trunk of our car. These new bags leak!!” This post sparked a thread of over 600 comments, with many echoing the same concerns. Another shopper added, “The bags were slick with juice on the display so my hands were then covered in grease. Putting them on the belt for checkout got chicken grease on that, too.”

Not only are customers complaining, but even Costco employees are finding the new bags to be a hassle. A deli worker mentioned that the new packaging makes packing the chickens more time-consuming and messier.

Costco has justified the change by stating that the new design uses 75 percent less plastic and reduces the use of 17 million pounds of resin annually.

While this is a commendable effort towards sustainability, the practical issues are undeniable. Some shoppers have suggested double-bagging the chickens with additional plastic bags from the meat section, but this defeats the purpose of the eco-friendly switch.

Interestingly, the new bags have been used in Costco locations in Canada for about a year without the same leakage problems. One Canadian customer noted on Reddit, “I’ve literally never seen any of the shelves with stains like this. So likely whatever the issue is can be fixed.”

So, what’s next for Costco and their rotisserie chicken packaging? Experts believe that the company will likely address the design flaw or even pause the rollout until they can find a better solution. In the meantime, customers are left navigating the messy aftermath of their beloved $4.99 chickens.

Stay tuned, folks! It’s clear that Costco will need to cook up a better plan to keep their customers happy and their cars clean.

Daily Mail


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