Crazy Incident Takes Place At Waffle House

At a Waffle House in Ohio, a violent food fight erupted between employees and a group of unruly customers after the employees asked the customers to quiet down or leave. The chaotic scene was captured on video and has since gone viral. The incident occurred around 3 am at the Waffle House on Rt. 124 in Warren County, Ohio, but the video footage has just been released by the Franklin Police in hopes that the public can help identify the suspects involved.

The footage shows a group of customers sitting on either side of the register, dancing and recording videos on their phones. The employees can be seen trying to conduct their business and serve other customers despite the loud and disruptive behavior of the group.

However, when the employees asked the group to lower their volume, the situation quickly escalated. In response, the customers began throwing a barrage of drinks, napkin holders, and sugar containers at the employees.

The employees were forced to take cover behind the counter as the chaotic scene unfolded. One patron was even seen throwing a wet-floor sign over the barrier as staff members tried to defend themselves. The harried workers can be seen trying to protect themselves and retaliate against the unruly customers. The chaotic scene was captured on police body camera footage, giving a firsthand look at the escalating altercation.

The Franklin Police have issued arrest warrants for three of the suspects involved in the food fight, but two are still unidentified. The warrants have been filed for several offenses, including assault, criminal damaging, and failure to comply.

Police Chief Adam Colon has stated that the unidentified suspects have two options- turn themselves in or wait until the authorities track them down. He emphasizes that the city will not tolerate this kind of behavior and the suspects will be held accountable for their actions.

After the fight ended, the Franklin Police, who had a car posted at the Pilot station next door, walked over and tried to calm the situation. In the police bodycam footage, the suspects can be seen piling into their car while the police try to approach them. One of the suspects can be heard screaming obscenities at the police before driving away. The police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects in hopes of bringing them to justice.

The incident has sparked outrage and disbelief among the community, with many questioning how such a violent altercation could occur in a family-friendly establishment like Waffle House. The footage has sparked discussions about the importance of treating service workers with respect and the consequences of unruly behavior. The employees, who were simply trying to do their jobs, were subjected to physical and verbal abuse.

The Waffle House employees involved in the altercation were not seriously injured, but the emotional impact of the incident can still be felt. The viral video has been shared thousands of times, with many expressing their support for the employees and condemning the actions of the unruly customers. The Franklin Police are urging the remaining suspects to turn themselves in and take responsibility for their actions.

Daily Mail


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