Country Star and Actress Team Up for Epic Give-Away!

Nashville Country singer Brad Paisley and his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, have opened a free toy store ahead of the holiday season to bring joy to families in need. “The Toy Store” is a part of their year-round free grocery store, “The Store,” in Nashville and aims to provide toys for 400 families this year.

Paisley, 51, and Williams-Paisley announced the opening of the store, which offers free toys to families in need, in an interview with the Associated Press. The couple, known for their philanthropic efforts, wanted to ease the burden on families who may not be able to afford gifts for their children during the holiday season.

Paisley shared that the emotional aspect of being able to give a child something they want rather than just something to get by, is a huge relief for parents facing financial difficulties. “People come on hard times and we want this to be a safe, welcoming place for everybody, whether you’re volunteering or whether you’re needing the services,” added Williams-Paisley. “It’s just a community and we’re all in it together.”

The couple started their free grocery store, “The Store,” in 2020 with the goal of eventually opening a Christmas Toy Store for families to have a dignified and fun shopping experience. In an Instagram video, Paisley expressed his excitement at seeing their dream become a reality. “The look on the faces of these kids was worth every bit of effort. Thanks to all who helped make this happen,” he said. “Hopefully just the start!”

Paisley also thanked the companies who generously donated toys for the store. Despite the success of the store, the couple stressed that there is still a need for support as food insecurity continues to rise. With the cost of groceries increasing, Williams-Paisley shared that the USDA reports 17 million households in the US are facing food insecurity, which is a rise from last year.

“The Toy Store” not only provides families in need with free toys but also creates a sense of community and dignity for those who may be struggling during the holiday season. Paisley and Williams-Paisley hope to continue their efforts to support families and individuals in need and encourage others to join in their cause.

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