Costco Customers Furious Over Rotisserie Chicken Change

Hey folks! If you’re a fan of Costco’s famous rotisserie chickens, you might have noticed a change recently that’s ruffling some feathers. That’s right, the packaging of those delicious $4.99 chickens has been switched from the familiar plastic clamshell containers to plastic food service bags. Let’s dig into what’s going on and why some customers are crying foul.

Starting in March 2024, Costco began rolling out this new packaging across the United States, aiming to make a more environmentally friendly move. The new bags, they say, will save millions of pounds of plastic each year.

According to Costco’s June 2024 edition of Costco Connections, the new packaging is expected to save an estimated 17 million pounds of plastic annually. Plus, the bags take up less space in transport, allowing Costco to cut down on freight trucks, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by over 4,000 metric tons each year.

But not everyone is happy with the change. Many loyal Costco customers have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction. Business writer Trung Phan called it a “rare Costco L” on X (formerly Twitter), pointing out that the bags are extremely leaky, not great for storing leftovers, and make it harder to pick out the best chickens.

Other users echoed these concerns, with one person, @rengle83, sharing a particularly soggy experience: “Your new roast chicken bags leak like crazy. Whole trunk was soaked by the time I got home. Two bags both leaking.”

Over on Reddit, the r/Costco subreddit has been buzzing with posts about the new bags since they started appearing in stores. User “LoveOfSpreadsheets” shared an image of a leaking rotisserie chicken bag on a store shelf, sparking a flurry of comments about the new packaging’s drawbacks.

Many Redditors pointed out that these bags are not recyclable in their cities, unlike the rigid clamshell containers. User “bonsree” lamented that the change is “a leap backwards in my book,” while “trowdatawhey” added, “Can’t recycle plastic bags in my city. But we can recycle hard plastics.”

Despite the backlash, Costco remains firm in its commitment to the new packaging, citing significant environmental benefits. It’s a tough balancing act between sustainability and customer satisfaction, and it’s clear that not all Costco shoppers are convinced this is the right move.

So, what does this mean for you, the dedicated Costco rotisserie chicken aficionado? It might be a good idea to bring a sturdy container when you pick up your next chicken, just in case. And keep an eye on those bags—nobody wants a trunk full of chicken juice!

Stay tuned as this story develops and more customers weigh in on Costco’s big packaging switch. Will the environmental benefits outweigh the convenience concerns? Only time, and perhaps a few more leaky bags, will tell.

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