Cindy Crawford’s Cameo Appearance Has Everyone Talking & She Relives An Old Crush

Renowned supermodel Cindy Crawford took a trip down memory lane after her recent appearance in an episode of the popular Netflix series, “The Crown.” Crawford, 56, shared a nostalgic throwback photo on Instagram, recalling a cherished encounter with the late Princess Diana at Kensington Palace years ago.

The Instagram post featured Crawford alongside the Princess of Wales, capturing a moment frozen in time during their meeting. Crawford’s caption fondly recounted how Princess Diana personally reached out to her office, expressing a desire to meet. Recollecting the surprise tea invitation extended by Diana, Crawford revealed that the Princess orchestrated the meet-up as a delightful surprise for her teenage sons, William and Harry.

Reflecting on the encounter, Crawford expressed initial nerves but was soon put at ease by Diana’s warm and affable demeanor. “She was a class act and showed us all what a modern-day princess should be,” Crawford wrote, emphasizing the Princess’s down-to-earth nature.

In the episode of “The Crown,” Crawford’s connection to the royal household was subtly referenced when a teenage Prince William, portrayed in the show, acknowledged having posters of iconic supermodels including Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell adorning his bedroom walls.

The latest season of “The Crown” has garnered attention for its portrayal of significant moments in the lives of the British royal family, notably focusing on Prince William’s romance with Kate Middleton. The series delves into pivotal moments of their courtship, including Middleton’s shift to attend the same school as William, their gradual friendship, and the evolution of their relationship into romance, ultimately leading to their engagement in 2010 and their grand wedding at London’s Westminster Abbey in 2011.

Prince William and Kate, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have since become parents to three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Cindy Crawford’s poignant recollection serves as a touching tribute to Princess Diana.

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