Candace Cameron Bure Launches New Movie

Candace Cameron Bure, widely recognized for her role in “Full House,” is actively contributing to the creation of family-friendly, faith-based films in her role as the chief creative officer at Great American Family. In collaboration with CEO Bill Abbott, Bure aims to establish an “oasis in a cultural desert,” catering to the demand for high-quality content that aligns with family values and faith.

Addressing the significance of supporting the military, Bure and Abbott organized a special screening for service members, acknowledging their dedication and sacrifice. Bure emphasized the channel’s gratitude for the military’s service, considering it a small gesture of appreciation for their role in maintaining peace.

The latest film featuring Bure, “My Christmas Hero,” premiered after Thanksgiving, depicting her as an Army reserve doctor on a mission to honor a fallen soldier. This film is part of Great American Family’s commitment to producing content that aligns with family-centric and patriotic themes. A special premiere screening at Joint Army and Air Force Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state allowed Bure and Abbott to connect with military families and share the joy of watching the movie together.

Lori Loughlin, another “Full House” alum, is also contributing to the channel with a new movie titled “Christmas Blessing.” Bure spoke highly of Loughlin, emphasizing their lifelong friendship and Loughlin’s qualities as both a person and actress. Abbott commended the movie as one of the best Christmas films he has been involved with, praising Loughlin’s character and the film’s themes of giving back and gratitude.

Great American Family’s focus on Christmas aligns with its broader commitment to providing wholesome and meaningful content for families. The channel aims to fill what Bure and Abbott perceive as a cultural void by offering family-friendly options in the entertainment landscape.

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