Brendan Fraser Reveals The Role That Almost Broke Him ‘My Brain Was Misfiring’

Brendan Fraser recently discussed the drastic measures he took to remain in shape while filming George of the Jungle.

In an interview for Variety’s Actors on Actors series, he said, “I was waxed. Starved of carbohydrates. I would drive home after work and stop to get something to eat. I needed some cash one day, and I went to the ATM, and I couldn’t remember my PIN number because my brain was misfiring. Banging on the thing. I didn’t eat that night.”

Fraser also jokingly revealed that his character lacked wardrobe options since he only wore “a loincloth” for most of the movie.

Despite the starvation and lack of clothes, Fraser gained popularity as the 1990s Disney film became a box office hit.


It hasn’t been all fun and games for this actor. In 2018, Fraser claimed that he was sexually assaulted by the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Philip Berk in 2003. Fraser said that the alleged incident was a big reason for his decision to step away from Hollywood.

Four years later, Fraser spoke out against how the HFPA handled the situation and in an interview with GQ in November 2022, he alleged that both Berk and himself had to sign a statement that declared the incident “was intended to be taken as a joke and not as a sexual advance.”

Fraser said that at the time, “I knew they would close ranks. I knew they would kick the can down the road. I knew they would get ahead of the story. I knew that I certainly had no future with that system as it was.”

Fraser has recently stepped back into Hollywood and this year has earned critical acclaim for his performance in The Whale, which may also gain him an Oscar nomination.

According to Upworthy,

“The Whale” is a film about a 600-pound writing teacher in failing health who desperately wants to reconnect with his daughter. “With ‘The Whale,’ Aronofsky and Fraser have taken substantive risks, in the name of an insistent empathy. I think, and my tear ducts agree, that those risks paid off,” Glenn Kenny writes for Roger

“This is a prime opportunity,” Fraser told Vanity Fair about his role in the new film. “I wanted to disappear into it. My hope was that I would become unrecognizable.”

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