Brave Woman’s Daring Leap into Soldier’s Arms Goes Viral

In a heartfelt display of joy and emotion, soldiers from Troop C, 1-134th Cavalry Squadron with the Nebraska National Guard returned home after a challenging 10-month deployment in the Middle East. The anticipation and excitement were palpable as families eagerly awaited the arrival of their loved ones, who were part of the mission in support of Operation Spartan Shield.

The Nebraska National Guard and U.S. Army shared a touching video capturing the moment when a woman, unable to contain her anticipation any longer, raced to embrace her soldier from the troop as he arrived at the Army Aviation Support Facility in Lincoln on December 7. The emotional reunion showcased the raw feelings of love and relief as the soldier, barely having time to set down his belongings, found himself enveloped in a heartfelt embrace.

This soldier was one among the 91 members of Troop C returning home to Nebraska, marking their return just in time for the upcoming Christmas celebrations. These troops were stationed in various parts of the Middle East, primarily Kuwait, engaging in vital security operations and collaborative training exercises with allied forces since their deployment last February.

Among the returning soldiers was Matias Domingo, whose heartwarming story added to the poignancy of the moment. Having missed the birth of his daughter two months prior due to his deployment, Domingo expressed his immense excitement at finally being able to spend his first Christmas with his newborn daughter. The anticipation and joy were mirrored by other soldiers, with many expressing their eagerness to reconnect with their families and loved ones after the prolonged separation.

For Staff Sgt. Kelly Byrne, this deployment held a personal significance, as he shared a familial connection to the troop’s history. “My grandpa and my great-grandpa were members of this unit in their respective days of service,” Byrne explained. “So, it means a lot to be a part of it.”

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